Beginners Guide to Coffee Shop Drink Options

To make coffee, you need coffee beans, water, and sugar. For a unique taste, you can go for milk. You can have cow milk or even soy milk. People have different tastes when it comes to drinking coffee; there are also different types of coffee available. This makes it necessary for you to compare the various types of coffee available so that you will decide on the best. Take your time and read beginner guide to coffee so that you will understand different types available.

Beginners guide to coffee shop drink options

Latte coffee

There are different types of coffee available in stores. Latte refers to coffee milk. If you like to buy lattes or prepare this particular type of coffee, you will need steaming milk and espresso. It has a special taste which will make you love it. Iced lattes are a particular favorite in summer,  the coffee and milk bring a refreshing feel after a hot day.  Don’t forget to try your latte with a pump of many different flavors, it can give the coffee a whole different taste.


Mocha is coffee prepared from hot steamed milk and espresso. The addition of cocoa powder makes mocha coffee special. You can as well use other types of chocolate addition such as chocolate syrup when making the mocha. The coffee drink is also very popular during summer. It is served chilled to offer drinkers great refreshments.

Cappuccino coffee

This is an Italian coffee prepared with espresso. Other ingredients used to make the coffee include steamed milk foam and hot milk. You will find the coffee served in many Italian restaurants. It is a common type of coffee you will come across in coffee shops.

Decaf coffee

This is coffee which contains very little caffeine. The decaffeination process involves removing caffeine from the coffee beans before making the coffee. There are several decaffeination processes which can be used but the end result should still be a delicious cup of coffee.


It is coffee made by pressing nearly boiling water through finely ground coffee beans. The high-pressure pressing of warm water through the finely ground coffee beans leads to the production of high concentration coffee. It has an oily texture at the top of the cup. Different restaurants will reach varying levels of perfection, always compare so that you will locate the best joint where you will be having regular coffee.


The coffee is prepared by adding hot water to espresso. The strength of Americano depends on the number of shots of espresso added to the water. Americano does not have a very distinct flavor. It is among favorite coffee options you will find in most coffee shops.


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Light Roast or Dark Roast?


Whether you are a coffee connoisseur of just a casual coffee drinker, you might find yourself asking the question: What is the difference between light roast and dark roast?

Coffee can be classified as either light roast or dark roast, with variations in between. Today most of the coffee available for home consumers is a dark roast coffee. By reading ads and watching coffee commercials, one can easily believe that the dark roast is a superior coffee. When it comes to the roast of your coffee, a great deal of it simply has to do with personal taste. You shouldn’t necessarily rely on mass marketing to determine whether dark roast is the ultimate expression of quality coffee.

There are reasons for the popularity of dark roast. The coffee industry itself is very widespread. After oil, coffee is the second most-highly traded commodity. Just think about the extremely large volume of coffee that hits the consuming market every year. Only 10% of that coffee can be considered as high quality. The 90% remaining coffee is sometimes considered to be between average and poor. This basically means that there is nothing very remarkable about it! No inherent flavors that make it differ from any other coffee, just average regular coffee.

If there are intriguing flavors, they aren’t usually desirable. A typical low-grown robust coffee can taste medicinal, even rubbery. So if a large number of coffee that is grown is of mediocre quality, then why do people feel so content to consume a large amount of it each and every day? The answer is ubiquitous dark roast, with a large amount of cream and sugar. Many coffee drinkers end up choosing this option.

The terms dark roast and light roast simply refer to how long the coffee has been roasted. Light roast coffees have more subtle flavors and are usually more acidic. Roasting breaks down caffeine, so contrary to what many people believe dark roasts have less caffeine than light roasts. Each type of roast has its own name amongst coffee connoisseurs. City roast is the lightest roast, American roast is medium, and the darkest roasts are called dark roast. There are many other names and variations of the different roasts, but they are all on the same spectrum of coffee roasting from light to dark. It doesn’t matter what type of roast you like, at some point you will probably break a coffee carafe and be in the market for a new one.

A large number of commercial appeal and mass marketing has presented dark roasted coffee as best in choice and also in quality. Dark roasted coffee is much more popular, especially when you consider that the coffee industry the second largest exporter after oil. A dark roast is made of coffee beans roasted at a high temperature for a long period of time. It causes many flavor molecules to burn away within the beans. This is both good and bad, because bad flavors can be burned away in the roasting process, but that can include good flavors as well. When a coffee is roasted very dark, it is difficult for the drinker to tell whether it is made from good or bad quality beans, because it has a smoky and charcoal flavor overall.

A light roasted coffee is roasted for a short time. It has many flavor characteristics that are grown in. Many of these flavors may include those influenced by soil and weather. Some major examples of light roasted coffee beans are Kona and Java. Light roasts are especially good for those coffee drinkers who want more specific characteristics and flavors within their brew. These are some basic differences and characteristics of dark roast and light roast coffees.



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Is Coffee Bad for You?

Drinking coffee is a must for many people. People who are devout coffee lovers often grab a cup of coffee (or two) before they do anything else in the morning. Coffee is laden with caffeine, unless you drink the decaffeinated varieties, and could be loaded with sugar and fat as well. Depending on how you like your daily cup of java, you could be putting your health at risk. Coffee may not be the healthiest beverage you could put into your body. In fact, when you think that over 400 million cups of this tasty beverage is served up everyday, you have to wonder if something so great could be good for your health. The answer is probably not and here is why.

Enjoying coffee in moderation: The key to anything is moderation and that certainly goes for your favorite cup of coffee, too. Whether you like it black, or smooth and creamy with all the bells and whistles, coffee is not going to hurt you in moderation. That means that one cup of coffee a day should do it and anything over that is excess. However, you certainly will not convince hard and heavy coffee drinks to give up their cup. It is comparable to smoking–people get addicted to the coffee and feel that they need that stimulant to keep them going. If you are concerned about your health and your daily coffee intake, then you should take measures to decrease your consumption and try to drink your coffee in moderation.

Caffeine is the key for many: There are many reasons why coffee may not be the best thing for your health, but mostly the reason is because if the excess amounts of caffeine that you will find in coffee. Caffeine is the main ingredient in coffee and is certainly a stimulant to your body. Too much caffeine can have a bad effect on your health. It can raise your blood pressure, increase your heart rate and may actually produce an irregular heartbeat. If you are healthy, then this may not be a major concern for you, however if you are in poor health or are already experience high blood pressure, then caffeine should be something you avoid. It is however, unfortunate that caffeine is the hook for coffee and that is what keeps most people coming back fro more.

As far as your health goes, coffee may also affect the amount of calcium that women take into their diets. Think about it this way, if you reach for a cup of coffee every morning and decline the daily glass of milk, then you are robbing your body of calcium, which fights off osteoporosis as your age.

Try different varieties: So, what if you simply cannot give up those daily cups of coffee each day? Do you have to give it up altogether? The answer is no. You can certainly decrease your caffeine intake and drink decaf varieties. Also, add in healthy “stuff” to your coffee, such as milk. If you are a woman, then don’t forget that you need the calcium. Supplement your diet with a good calcium chew.




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How to brew the best cup of coffee

We all have different taste in coffee; some liking extra strength espresso and others preferring very weak, milky mixes. Just as important as your choice of coffee, is the way you choose to brew it. Let’s look at 5 ways to brew your gourmet coffee, for best results:

1. ‘Drip’ filter coffee machine; the ever-trusty, found-in-every-home coffee machine which will brew any coffee, but is not necessarily the best way to unlock the richest flavors in your chosen roast: Great for the big mug of coffee first thing in the morning, but not ideal for after-dinner cups.

2. Percolator: very popular in the 70s and 80s, the electric percolator, makes a somewhat stronger cup than most filter coffee machines, but needing a particular grind to the beans, and not very reliable. Slightly better for after-dinner coffee, but not the best, and has now been replaced by new designs and better methods for producing freshly brewed coffee.

3. French press coffee pot; this is probably the best all-rounder, as you can make a pot of medium strength coffee for your breakfast, or use more coffee and less water to produce something closer to espresso for after meals. The main drawback to this system is that it does not keep hot for long, making it great for that just-brewed taste, but not the best if you’re not drinking it at once.French Press

A French press is often referred to as a coffee plunger because of the way it works, and it’s a very simple device that has been around for nearly 100 years now. The French press has a cylindrical beaker made of glass or strong plastic that a lid and plunger are affixed to. It heats up the water and presses it through the coffee grounds to make coffee.

A French press is great because it works fast and is easy to use but many people don’t like the fact that they have to clean it out regularly and it only makes standard drip coffee. Still, a French press makes a fresh tasting cup of coffee you’ll ever taste.

4. Espresso machine; the domestic espresso machine makes a reasonable cup of coffee, very good for cappuccino and the like, and a moderately good espresso, though not the same as you would get from a commercial machine, as the domestic appliance does not have a fraction of the pressure required for a good cup of espresso. That said; you will not get anything closer than this to real espresso.

5. The Phin filter A handy little coffee gadget that is being rediscovered by European and American gourmet coffee drinkers thanks to the rising tourism . Traditionally used in the coffee houses all over Vietnam this device allows you to brew a perfect cup of coffee any time of day. The “secret” is in the so-called gravity insert that keeps coffee under pressure.

Customizing your coffee

There are countless wonderful ways to enjoy coffee these ways, and even more coffee varieties, flavored with everything from Hazelnut to French Vanilla or just the straight, wonderfully roasted coffee beans. You can improve the experience by customizing your coffee with a wide variety of creams, sugars, and syrups as well. Try experimenting and find your favorite way to brew a cup of coffee.


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Brief History of Coffee

An extremely popular and old drink is coffee. Freshly brewed coffee starts the day for millions of people each and every morning. This popular drink is one of the most consumed beverages in the world today. So what made coffee the worldwide craze that it is today?

The Red Sea is the area where the first uses of coffee are known, and they occurred more than one thousand years ago. The coffee berry may have also been used by Africans for ritual or health purposes at that time. Arabs started bean growing around 1100 AD. It is believed that the coffee was brought over on ships and they began making beverages with it. The coffee beans would be roasted and boiled to make the beverages. From this point, the drinks started spreading though many regions of the world were gaining popularity. Yemen is the city where most coffee plant growing occurred in the early years. The plants were guarded closely to stop other people from making coffee of their own. At some point seeds were successfully smuggled from the region and other people began growing them also.

Small coffee shops soon followed the increased growing of plants. The shops were gathering places for social interaction of travelers and locals. Music and games were played by the people, and the shops were a fun place. During the sixteen hundred in England, a cup of coffee sold for just a penny. This also happens to be about the time when people first added sugar to the drink.

Instant coffee and espresso machines were some of the later advancements. Now throughout many tropical regions of the world millions of plants are being grown and harvested. The taste and aroma are different in each region. Many flavors and types of roasting methods are used to create delicious beverages. A huge selection is now available to consumers and many specialty stores exist.

Soon after this the first coffee shops started opening. These shops served as a great social gathering place for the locals and travelers. People came to these to play games and listen to music much like shops of today. In England, during the sixteen hundred a cup of coffee could be purchased for a penny. It is also around this time that sugar was introduced to some people’s coffee.

After this, espresso machines started to appear along with instant coffee. Millions of plants are now grown throughout many parts of the world. Each region has its distinct aroma and taste. There are now many ways to roast the beans and create many flavors. Specialty stores can be found in almost every city now along with a huge selection to choose from.

K-cups also known as Keurig cups are a very recent innovation. K-cups are ready made one serving containers of coffee that are easy to brew and make. A Keurig coffee maker is used to brew the k cups with no mess and rather quickly. Messy filters are not necessary because the cup contains everything. A-K cups best price is discovered on the internet when bought in bulk. A larger order lets you get a low price on the cups. About fifty cents is all it costs per cup when you buy k cups by the case. Each case has 96 units.

Enjoy your morning coffee!


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