Brief History of Coffee

An extremely popular and old drink is coffee. Freshly brewed coffee starts the day for millions of people each and every morning. This popular drink is one of the most consumed beverages in the world today. So what made coffee the worldwide craze that it is today?

The Red Sea is the area where the first uses of coffee are known, and they occurred more than one thousand years ago. The coffee berry may have also been used by Africans for ritual or health purposes at that time. Arabs started bean growing around 1100 AD. It is believed that the coffee was brought over on ships and they began making beverages with it. The coffee beans would be roasted and boiled to make the beverages. From this point, the drinks started spreading though many regions of the world were gaining popularity. Yemen is the city where most coffee plant growing occurred in the early years. The plants were guarded closely to stop other people from making coffee of their own. At some point seeds were successfully smuggled from the region and other people began growing them also.

Small coffee shops soon followed the increased growing of plants. The shops were gathering places for social interaction of travelers and locals. Music and games were played by the people, and the shops were a fun place. During the sixteen hundred in England, a cup of coffee sold for just a penny. This also happens to be about the time when people first added sugar to the drink.

Instant coffee and espresso machines were some of the later advancements. Now throughout many tropical regions of the world millions of plants are being grown and harvested. The taste and aroma are different in each region. Many flavors and types of roasting methods are used to create delicious beverages. A huge selection is now available to consumers and many specialty stores exist.

Soon after this the first coffee shops started opening. These shops served as a great social gathering place for the locals and travelers. People came to these to play games and listen to music much like shops of today. In England, during the sixteen hundred a cup of coffee could be purchased for a penny. It is also around this time that sugar was introduced to some people’s coffee.

After this, espresso machines started to appear along with instant coffee. Millions of plants are now grown throughout many parts of the world. Each region has its distinct aroma and taste. There are now many ways to roast the beans and create many flavors. Specialty stores can be found in almost every city now along with a huge selection to choose from.

K-cups also known as Keurig cups are a very recent innovation. K-cups are ready made one serving containers of coffee that are easy to brew and make. A Keurig coffee maker is used to brew the k cups with no mess and rather quickly. Messy filters are not necessary because the cup contains everything. A-K cups best price is discovered on the internet when bought in bulk. A larger order lets you get a low price on the cups. About fifty cents is all it costs per cup when you buy k cups by the case. Each case has 96 units.

Enjoy your morning coffee!


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