Beginners Guide to Coffee Shop Drink Options

To make coffee, you need coffee beans, water, and sugar. For a unique taste, you can go for milk. You can have cow milk or even soy milk. People have different tastes when it comes to drinking coffee; there are also different types of coffee available. This makes it necessary for you to compare the various types of coffee available so that you will decide on the best. Take your time and read beginner guide to coffee so that you will understand different types available.

Beginners guide to coffee shop drink options

Latte coffee

There are different types of coffee available in stores. Latte refers to coffee milk. If you like to buy lattes or prepare this particular type of coffee, you will need steaming milk and espresso. It has a special taste which will make you love it. Iced lattes are a particular favorite in summer,  the coffee and milk bring a refreshing feel after a hot day.  Don’t forget to try your latte with a pump of many different flavors, it can give the coffee a whole different taste.


Mocha is coffee prepared from hot steamed milk and espresso. The addition of cocoa powder makes mocha coffee special. You can as well use other types of chocolate addition such as chocolate syrup when making the mocha. The coffee drink is also very popular during summer. It is served chilled to offer drinkers great refreshments.

Cappuccino coffee

This is an Italian coffee prepared with espresso. Other ingredients used to make the coffee include steamed milk foam and hot milk. You will find the coffee served in many Italian restaurants. It is a common type of coffee you will come across in coffee shops.

Decaf coffee

This is coffee which contains very little caffeine. The decaffeination process involves removing caffeine from the coffee beans before making the coffee. There are several decaffeination processes which can be used but the end result should still be a delicious cup of coffee.


It is coffee made by pressing nearly boiling water through finely ground coffee beans. The high-pressure pressing of warm water through the finely ground coffee beans leads to the production of high concentration coffee. It has an oily texture at the top of the cup. Different restaurants will reach varying levels of perfection, always compare so that you will locate the best joint where you will be having regular coffee.


The coffee is prepared by adding hot water to espresso. The strength of Americano depends on the number of shots of espresso added to the water. Americano does not have a very distinct flavor. It is among favorite coffee options you will find in most coffee shops.


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